Cheers to going after our dreams! We kicked off the launch of Quirky Kin in style, and it’s full steam ahead. Fueled by incredible coffee and in celebration of four-legged (and sometimes three-legged) family members everywhere, this is just the beginning of connecting a dog-loving community far and wide.

Could this new adventure work out? Maybe BUT can it work out better than we dreamed? YES! Let’s live our lives to the fullest and take chances on ourselves. Sign up for that marathon, apply for the management job, start the food Instagram, get your scuba license, GO AFTER whatever you’ve always wanted to do. Trust us, we know it’s scary. We know it’s hard. But we’ve made the leap and are so excited to see how you enjoy this amazing java alongside your pup pal.

As is always the case – we have so much to learn from our beloved pooches, forever by our side and living in the moment. So as we begin this excited era of coffee, canines, and community, we raise a mug to our family, friends, and you – welcome to the Quirky Kin family.

Stop by our online shop and pick up a combo pack today. Maybe pick up a pet bandana to embrace your Quirky style. And always remember to fuel your own dreams – no matter how big or small.